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According to GuruFocus Insider Information, the recent CFO sells were:
Broadcom Ltd (

), Facebook Inc. (

) as well as The Cooper Companies Inc. (


Broadcom Ltd.: Acting CFO and Principal Financial Officer
Thomas H. Krause Offered 1,308 shares

On April 18, Performing CFO as well as Principal Financial Offier Thomas H.
Krause sold 1,308 shares at an ordinary price of $155.19. The price
of the stock has actually increased by 3.63%. Broadcom Ltd. has a market cap
of $63.61 billion in order to its shares were traded around $160.82. The
business has a P/E proportion of 240.03 in order to P/S ratio of 5.90. The
pathing 12-month dividend return of Broadcom Ltd. stocks is 1.09%.
while the forward returns yield is 1.22%. Over the previous five years.
Broadcom Ltd had. an annual average revenues development of 25.9%.

Broadcom Ltd. revealed its 2015 fourth-quarter results suffering from.
earnings of $1.84 billion and also gross profit of $997 million, while.
the earnings was $429 million. The 2015 complete income was $6.82.
billion, a 60% rise from the 2014 complete income. The 2015 gross.
profit was $3.55 billion, an 89% boost from the 2014 gross.
revenue. The 2015 earnings was $1.36 billion.

On March 9, President as well as Chief Executive Officer Hock E. Tan sold 7,521 shares at.
an average rate of $141.3. The rate of the stock has actually enhanced by.
13.81%. On June 9, Principal Bookkeeping Officer Kirsten M. Spears.
marketed 1,178 shares at an ordinary rate of $163.56. The cost of the.
stock has actually decreased by 1.68%. On June 9, SVP and Chief Sales.
Policeman Charlie B. Kawwas offered 5,224 shares at an average cost of.
$ 163.56. The rate of the stock has reduced by 1.68%.

Facebook Inc.: CFO David M. Wehner sold 5,265.

On May 31, CFO David M. Wehner sold 5,265 shares at a standard.
rate of $119.9. The rate of the stock has actually decreased by 2.74%.
Facebook Inc. has a market cap of $333.57 billion and also its shares.
were traded around $116.62. The company has a P/E ratio of 71.99.
and also P/S ratio of 16.9.

Facebook revealed its 2016 first-quarter outcomes suffering from earnings.
of $5.38 billion and also gross earnings of $4.54 billion, while the web.
income was $1.51 billion. The 2015 overall earnings was $17.93.
billion, a 44% increase from the 2014 complete profits. The 2015 gross.
earnings was $15.06 billion, a 46% increase from the 2014 gross.
profit. The 2015 earnings was $3.67 billion.

On June 8, COO Sheryl Sandberg sold 109,000 shares at an average.
rate of $118.18. The price of the stock has lowered by 1.32%. On.
June 1, Supervisor Jan Koum sold 1,721,436 shares at a typical cost.
of $118.8. The cost of the stock has actually decreased by 1.84%. On June.
1, Principal Innovation Officer Michael Todd Schroepfer offered 20,000.
shares at a typical cost of $118.45. The price of the stock has.
reduced by 1.54%.

The Cooper Companies Inc.: SVP, CFO and also CRO Gregory W.
Matz Marketed 10,000 Shares.

On March 9, SVP, CFO and CRO Gregory W. Matz marketed 10,000 shares.
at an.

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