Unique Program Helps Female Survivors of Physical or Mental Trauma

NEW YORK, June 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Project Rebirth, Inc., (www.projectrebirth.org) the resilience resource for those who serve community and country, announces that its Women Warriors Curriculum is being used this week in Navasota, Texas by 20 women servicemembers grappling with physical or mental trauma.

The weeklong program at Camp Allen is run collaboratively with Ride 2 Recovery and combines morning 30- to 60-mile cycling trips with afternoon and evening therapeutic sessions.  As participants together undergo the physical and mental rehabilitation, they bond and begin to heal.

“These women are some of the most loyal and patriotic soldiers I’ve ever met and yet they are dealing with tremendous betrayal, grief and loss,” says Dr. Christine Norton, the licensed clinical social worker who crafted the curriculum.  “We are truly creating a battle buddies framework.”

The Women Warrior workshops focus on how women veterans may experience stress and offer simple, effective techniques to cope with grief and trauma and build resilience.  The sessions use Rebirth film media as a way to spark discussions and generate hope.  Project Rebirth’s Joni Cooper LCSW will lead the conversations and Fitness Advisor Dana Furby will present the wellness curriculum.

Workshops themes include:

Project Rebirth’s carefully crafted Women Warriors Curriculum is shareable and available to other interested organizations whose mission includes helping women impacted by trauma heal and become more resilient.


About Project Rebirth

The not-for-profit Project Rebirth uses its suite of films including the Peabody Award-winning documentary Rebirth and the talents of its diverse team to create unique programs that help first responders, military, veterans, community leaders, medical and mental health professionals and anyone struggling with trauma and loss become more resilient. 

Project Rebirth: a resilience resource for all who serve community and country.

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