TELEVISION scores for Trump speech weren'' t ' huuuge '.

Donald Trump’s huge RNC night in 90 seconds
According to Donald Trump, the “tv scores for this convention were through the roofing.” The truth is more complicated. Trump’s acceptance speech balanced 32.2 million audiences on Thursday night. Mitt Romney’s GOP approval speech in 2012 averaged 30.3 million audiences. 8 years back, John McCain’s speech balanced practically 39 million audiences, “about 8.6 million more people than last night’s viewership,” Nielsen stated Friday. Contrasts to prior years are hard due to the increase of streaming TV and social media. Nielsen’s measurements only count conventional TV. Still, it appears the much-anticipated “Trump ratings bump” did not materialize. Related: George Harrison estate offended that RNC utilized his music The scores for this week’s convention “did not measure up to the buzz,” The New york city Times concluded on Friday. Amongst the broadcast networks, NBC had the biggest audience during Trump’s speech. But 2 cable channels, Fox News and CNN, surpassed all of the broadcasters. Fox balanced 9.3 million audiences in between 10 and 11:45 p.m., when all the significant channels brought the convention live. CNN averaged 5.5 million. And NBC was 3rd general with 4.6 million. The race in between Fox and CNN was much more detailed amongst adults ages 25 to 54, the essential demographic for cable news advertisers. Fox averaged 2.5 million viewers in the “demo” while CNN averaged 1.9 million. The competitors between Fox and CNN has actually been among the subplots of the Republican convention this week. During the final night of the RNC in 2012, in between 8 and 11 p.m., CNN averaged 581,000 viewers in the “demonstration,” and this year it had almost 1.4 million. Fox News averaged 1.6 million in the “demonstration” during prime-time show in 2012, and this year it had 1.7 million. Exactly what’s called the “gap” in between the 2 channels has tightened up considerably, although Fox remains in first place.

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