Sparx Case, the best-ever built-in lighter phone case, signs deal with rapper 'The Game'

NEW YORK, June 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – SPARX Case, a dual function phone case that functions as both a USB lighter and a protective shield for sustainable phone protection, this week announced a marketing partnership with internationally known rapper, The Game. “We’re very excited to announce our marketing partnership with The Game because we have shared brand characteristics. Our product is innovative and revolutionary, so it was ideal for us to align our brand with someone who keeps redefining themselves and has had such longevity in the industry,” said Sasha Defoe, President of SPARX Case.


Born from a passion for providing everything needed for an enjoyable and seamless experience, SPARX Case contains a built-in USB port that allows for an easy recharge, anytime, anywhere. SPARX Cases can be conveniently charged from any smartphone power adapter, lap-top computer, desktop, or USB adapter, making it incredibly easy to keep the lighter functioning at all hours during the day,” said Kevin Cohen, Founder and Creator of SPARX Case.

To use SPARX Case, all one has to do is fasten their smartphone into the case, pull down the sliding igniter cover with a finger, hold it in place for 3 seconds, light their desired piece, and release it to close the cover. To charge the case, a blue fluorescent light will appear to indicate the case is properly connected to a power source. After charging for only a few hours, users will have enough case charge to power the lighter component for up to a week at a time.

“We want to stress that this case is probably the most convenient creation ever made, especially for those people who can never seem to find a lighter.  It is also an expertly crafted shield to keep any smartphone snug and protected,” said Kevin Cohen. SPARX Cases are available for all iPhone and Samsung devices in a variety of colors, so log onto the website to order yours today!

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