Smart Boost System Ranked as Most Effective Crowdfunding Service for Indiegogo campaigns in 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, June 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Boost System is pleased to announce that they have been selected by Crowdfunding Base as the most effective crowdfunding service for Indiegogo campaigns in 2016.

Smart Boost system is a service that assists crowdfunders with attracting backers through optimization of their campaign via social media and Indiegogo. The service was started by MIT graduate Milton Gregg who reportedly used Indiegogo to raise over 1.3 million dollars for his own projects and the projects of his clients.

Gregg’s first project set a modest goal of $20,000 with a campaign length of 45 days. Within 3 weeks he was able to optimize his campaign to push it to the top pages for his niche, and he even got featured in the newsletter and trending sections of Indiegogo.

By the 4th week his project was reportedly overfunded, and he realized that he stumbled upon something other entrepreneurs could also benefit from. He backwards engineered what he did and turned it into a 10 day turnkey system that works across all niches, no matter the competition, popularity, or final monetary goal.

According to their website, the Smart Boost team can rank any Indiegogo campaign within 10 days. By optimizing a campaign via Indiegogo and relevant social media websites, Smart Boost builds a highly relevant linking structure that naturally lifts campaigns through the results pages for their respective niche; the fundamental idea being that more eyes on a campaign will result in more donations.

The system has been so effective that Crowdfunding Base named Smart Boost System the “Most effective crowdfunding service for Indiegogo campaigns in 2016.”

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About Smart Boost System:

Smart Boost System is a service that helps entrepreneurs on Indiegogo attract more backers to their crowdfunding campaigns. Started by MIT graduate Milton Gregg, the service uses proprietary methods to rank projects through a 10 day marketing and optimization campaign.

About Crowdfunding Base:  

Crowdfunding Base is a crowdfunding information and review site that assists entrepreneurs with choosing the best platforms for their campaigns, and the best services to help optimize them.

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