Republican tech CEO is torn on Trump

Anti-Trump creator gets flood of voicemail assistance
Blackberry’s chief executive John Chen states he’s a long-time Republican politician, but he’s having a hard time over exactly what to do when he gets in the ballot booth come November. Chen stated he concurs with a few of Donald Trump’s policy propositions, however thinks some would be devastating. Chen’s sentiment shows the agitation lots of business leaders feel in this election. The candidate has actually clashed with the United States Chamber of Commerce over his economic strategies, and CEOs of several significant companies, varying from Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein to HP’s Meg Whitman, have actually either expressed concern about the prospect or denounced him. Chen, who has been attempting to turn around Blackberry’s handset company, likes Trump’s proposal on reducing business taxes. However the prospect’s positions on immigration and trade are worrying to Chen. Related: Tech CEO to Donald Trump: ‘Your project is un-American’ As a Canadian company, Blackberry benefits from the North American Open market Agreement, selling its items to US consumers, corporation and federal government. For instance, Blackberry announced on Wednesday a multimillion dollar deal with the U.S. Senate to provide crisis communications software application over 5 years. Blackberry’s John Chen “Trade deals constantly lower barriers, especially in extremely controlled markets,” said Chen in a special CNNMoney interview. “It has to do with market accessibility.” Trump’s harsh stance on immigration provides Chen pause. Chen is an immigrant himself. mocked Trump’s strategy to construct a wall along the border with Mexico and questioned how Trump believes he’ll get Mexico to spend for it. Born in Hong Kong, Chen transferred to the U.S. to attend prep school and then college. He ended up being a resident in 1982 and resides in California. Like numerous innovation executives, Chen is a supporter of liberal immigration policies that enable business to draw in the very best talent from worldwide. Related: Tech leaders: ‘Trump would be a disaster for development’ On both trade and immigration, Chen says Hillary Clinton’s policies are more company friendly. And, he adds, market flourished throughout the presidency of her husband, Expense Clinton. Chen is the most recent tech titan to honestly stress over the prospect of Trump ending up being president. Josh Tetrick, creator of the startup Hampton Creek, released an open letter to Trump in the New York Times and Cleveland Plain-Dealer this previous Sunday to say the Republican politician’s project “feels un-American.” And recently, 145 tech power gamers composed on Medium that Trump would be “a disaster for innovation.”

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