Queen upset Trump used '' We Are the Champions''.

GOP reveals speakers for Republican National Convention
Queen isn’t happy that Donald Trump defied their wishes and utilized among its finest understood tunes at the Republican politician National Convention. At Monday’s opening of the RNC, Trump strolled on stage at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena to the band’s “We Are the Champions” prior to presenting a speech by his partner, Melania. On Tuesday, the legendary British rock band tweeted, “An unauthorised use at the Republican Convention versus our desires.” This isn’t really the first time that the band has been upset over Trump using one of its songs without its consent. In June, the band’s lead guitarist, Brian May, wrote that Trump had actually not requested consent to use the tune throughout his campaign. “My personal response to Donald Trump utilizing our music? We ‘d never allow,” May wrote on his website. “We are taking advice on exactly what actions we can require to ensure this use does not continue.” An unauthorised use at the Republican politician Convention against our wishes – Queen– Queen (@QueenWillRock) July 19, 2016 May added that regardless of exactly what the band thinks of Trump’s platform it “has constantly been against our policy to permit Queen music to be used as a political marketing tool.” Trump’s use of the song on Monday night likewise caused a reaction online with those on social media slamming the prospect for utilizing the song. “Heartbreaking that Trump used Freddie Mercury’s lovely ‘We Are the Champions,'” tweeted author Anne Rice. “Just heartbreaking.” Lots of argued that former lead singer Mercury, who passed away in 1991 from AIDS-related complications, would not have actually been a supporter of Trump. “My guess is that Freddie Mercury would not likely have been a Trump advocate,” tweeted Chris Cillizza, a political analyst for The Washington Post. My guess is that Freddie Mercury would not likely have been a Trump advocate– Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) July 19, 2016 Other rock bands like the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, R.E.M. and Aerosmith have actually likewise asked Trump to stop playing their music at his rallies.

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