Pure Gleam Cements Position as Standard Bearer for Innovative Water Fed Pole Cleaning

LIVERPOOL, England, August 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Pure Gleam Ltd, the leading window cleaning service in Liverpool and the Merseyside area, has announced its complete transition to an innovative water fed pole system which benefits from the latest pure filtration technology.

The commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning specialists will now do away with ladders and other traditional window cleaning apparatus entirely to focus on servicing clients using exclusively telescopic fed water poles. The decision to switch to a water fed pole system has been made due to a number of business and ethical factors, Pure Gleam Ltd has confirmed.

By avoiding the minerals and sediments typically associated with standard tap water, and using only purified water, the ‘streaking’ that sometimes occurs when water is left to dry does not occur. That means Pure Gleam personnel will not spend time manually drying and squeegeeing, and will be able to offer clients an even more efficient service. Using natural reverse osmosis processes, Pure Gleam Ltd passes water through several resins and filters to purify it, before it is ready for storage and use by the company’s on-site teams.

The time saving capabilities of water fed pole systems are expected by Pure Gleam Ltd to translate into a more budget-friendly service for clients with less disruption to on site activities. In terms of its own business, Pure Gleam Ltd are now happy to be able to make more appointments available to new and existing clients, such is the added speed with which the new system will provide to its service operators.

An unmatched level of thoroughness is achieved through cleaning thanks to telescopic poles and brushes that can reach as high as 65 feet, making them suitable for multi storey commercial and domestic premises. Scrubbing and rinsing with the purified water leads to a sparkling, glimmering finish that is unattainable using the more traditional window cleaning techniques.

On the environmental front, the pure water means less chance of damaging a property and its surroundings with the use of detergents and chemicals. Pure Gleam Ltd is also satisfied that its work force will be at less risk of the injuries that is posed by the use of ladders at height. With water fed pole cleaning, the feet of the operator stay firmly on the ground, providing a solid base while working. There is also the potential of repetitive strain injuries from the continued execution of manual cleaning techniques associated with traditional methods. This will be eliminated thanks to the enhanced cleaning process afforded by the telescopic system that will now be used by Pure Gleam.

When it comes to accessibility, Pure Gleam Ltd will now be able to service properties with windows and other features which were previously unreachable using ladders, such as roof lights, as well as clean frames, better than ever before. The superb service standards achieved by Pure Gleam teams for window cleaning will also be applied to solar panels, gutter cleaning, conservatory roofs, signage and other features of buildings using the water fed pole system.

Heralding the decision to go water fed, a spokesperson for Pure Gleam Ltd said the company were proud at leading the way for modern window cleaning: “we are part of the new wave of window cleaning services that are committed to offering clients an environmentally friendly, efficient and effective option for building exterior cleaning. We believe this significant investment in the latest pure water filtering and telescopic cleaning techniques will prove justified over the coming months and years, as more businesses and homeowners switch onto the benefits of water fed pole systems, which are certainly the future of our trade.”

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