New Website Seeks To Get Info On California Election Results From Voters Themselves

BAY AREA and L A, July 11, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Local Florida organization styles to gather user-information concerning the Florida selection in a study that’ll display how customers voted of course if their election was already measured or not because of problems while voting.

If you should be one of the countless ballots which have yet to become counted in Florida and need to ensure your election is measured, then you can certainly get info to determine the standing of one’s poll.  understand that the outcomes may nevertheless modify based on the ultimate counting’s outcomes.

If you too would like to get details about the Dalifornia selection from voters themselves, adding your info and consider component! The sharing of data anonymously allows voters to talk about their info without anxiety about something being discussed or created community.

**No data gathered on the webpage is likely to be discussed including e-mail details and usernames supplied.**


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