New Study Highlights Current Trends and Challenges Facing Pharmaceutical Industry Collaborations with Patient Advocacy Groups

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., July 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Patient advocacy groups are a trusted source for patients seeking information on a disease or new therapies. For pharmaceutical companies, strong relationships with advocacy groups are an effective way to reach patients.

Recognizing the importance of the advocacy community to the pharmaceutical industry, Best Practices, LLC conducted a study to identify effective practices in patient advocacy group collaboration and relationship management. The research also examines ideal structures and skill sets for pharma groups that deal with advocacy groups and emerging trends and challenges in patient advocacy.

The new study is the latest in a series of advocacy studies performed by Best Practices, LLC and it demonstrates that pharma is increasingly relying on collaborations with advocacy groups to reach patients:

The report, Collaborating with Patient Advocacy Groups to Educate the Marketplace, contains an array of benchmarks regarding patient advocacy structure, resources and activities. The 79-page report contains 270 metrics and 30 narratives to help inform advocacy leaders attempting to align their structure, resources and strategies with corporate goals and external partners’ needs.

Key Topics of this report include:

Executives and managers involved in patient advocacy can use this research to compare their structure, resources, responsibilities and strategies with those of leading organizations.

Download a complimentary report summary at:

For this study, 24 leaders from 21 top biopharmaceutical companies were engaged through a benchmarking survey. In-depth interviews were conducted to gather more detailed information pertinent to this study.

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