New Access Fixtures LED Luminaires Stop UV Emissions and Eliminate Light in Specific Light Spectrums for Manufacturing & Research Facilities

WORCESTER, Mass., Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures announced the release of LED luminaires that do not emit UV and can be configured to eliminate light emissions in almost any range of the spectrum. Until now, organizations that required no UV or no light emitted between a specified range of nanometers relied on gold fluorescent tube lights. Lamp manufacturers like Philips and GE coated their fluorescent lamps in a gold, plastic-like material that stopped light emissions between 0 and 520 nanometers (nm). Now, Access Fixtures can configure the LEDs in just about any commercial or industrial luminaire to eliminate all UV and stop light in specific spectrums. Access Fixtures recently produced LED luminaires that emitted no UV and eliminated light between 0 and 450nm for a division of a Fortune 500 facility producing contact lenses.

“Access Fixtures is producing LED luminaires that are LM70 at 100,000 hours, are energy-efficient, do not have mercury, and can be custom configured to stop light in spectrums that negatively impacts specific production facilities,” said Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild. “This means less maintenance and factory downtime, lower energy expenses, and superior visibility for workers in the areas illuminated by these luminaires.”

Access Fixtures UV-blocking and spectrum-blocking LED luminaires are available in many form factors, including LED high bays, LED vapor tight strip lights, LED troffers, LED canopy lights, and LED hazardous area lights. All UV-blocking and spectrum-blocking LED luminaires use LEDs that are LM70 rated at 100,000 hours and emit over 110 lumens per watt. For more information on Access Fixtures UV-blocking and spectrum-blocking LED luminaires, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.

About Access Fixtures
Access Fixtures offers commercial, industrial, and sports lighting for less and features light fixtures with LED, PSMH, and fluorescent light sources that are long-lasting and energy-saving. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures can competitively build and custom finish luminaires and poles to the performance specifications you require. Access Fixtures’ extensive lineup of interior and exterior lighting fixtures includes products for sports, hospitality, commercial, and industrial lighting. Luminaire types include wall packs, area lights, bollard lights, garage lighters, vandal resistant, exit and emergency, high bay, IP65 vapor tight, IP67 vapor tight, and grow light fixtures. For more information, visit Access Fixtures at


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