MPOWR Announces New Client Wins

ROCKFORD, Ill., June 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Today, MPOWR, a social software division of SupplyCore, announced that four community agencies will be using the centralized data management tool for various programs within those organizations. The agencies include United Way of Greater Williamsburg, United Way of Door County, The Impact Center and City Mission of Schenectady/Schenectady Works. All four organizations have been, or are, currently being trained on use of the software.

“We are excited about beginning a partnership with these amazing organizations that are impacting lives every day,” said Brooke Saucier, Manager of Partnership Programs for MPOWR. “A shared data management program is essential to the collective impact movement and we look forward to working with the agencies to ensure these programs are moving the needle on social change in these communities.”

The United Way of Greater Williamsburg is currently using MPOWR for its Home for Good program, a housing initiative that provides tools and resources to homeless families allowing them to go from precarious housing situations to permanent housing. The organization’s employees will be using the case management software to effectively manage collaboration between community agencies by allowing them to share data, create personalized action plans and measure results.

MPOWR will be the chosen data management tool for the United Way of Door County. The mission of this organization is to match community needs with community resources and to facilitate creative problem solving to help people become self-sufficient and contributing members of the community. The United Way of Door County will be using MPOWR to facilitate collaboration between its nearly 40 partner agencies. Three of those agencies will begin using the technology during the next couple of weeks with the remaining to follow in the coming months. The software will be used as a way for partner organizations to share critical data among agencies to ensure social, emotional and academic readiness for school-aged children. The United Way of Greater Williamsburg and United Way of Door County are MPOWR’s first United Way clients.

The Impact Center is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to provide the place, programs, partnerships and paradigm that enable people to progress. The organization will be using the MPOWR case management software for Responsive Empowerment Assistance to Cooperating Households (REACH) which is the first step in its delivery model. MPOWR will provide Impact Center with a structured and uniform intake and assessment process for all clients in a centralized location. The case management software will allow for the integration of programs and services while breaking down agency “silos” so that solutions are implemented effectively and efficiently across agencies.

City Mission of Schenectady/Schenectady Works’ purpose is to establish and maintain programs and ministries that address the physical, social and spiritual needs of the poor as well as those who are under-resourced. The organization will be using the MPOWR case management software for six programs including Youth LIFE Support, Community Father, Schenectady Community College, Schenectady Bridges, City Mission and Schenectady Works. By using the MPOWR case management software, the organization will be able to expand and more effectively collaborate between sectors, within sectors, and between diverse local communities and socioeconomic groups.

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MPOWR is the only cloud-based technology that serves as the central data and management tool for collaborating social service organizations and backbone support organizations in the areas of community impact, re-entry, education and population health. Our software acts as the central nervous system for effective collaboration, helping multiple agencies share everything necessary to move the needle; create and achieve sustainable and scalable improvements to individuals’ lives; measure outcomes and adjust strategies; and eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies throughout the delivery process. MPOWR is Fully regulatory compliant – HIPAA, HUD, FERPA, Drug and Alcohol Part 2, and Mental Health Act regulations. For more information, please visit

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