Minnesota Honor Student Sustains Brain Injury – Accident, Bullying, or Hazing?

MENOMONIE, Wis., June 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A sixteen-year-old honor student in a Minnesota school suffered a concussion this past fall, and now struggles with PTSD and seizures after an incident at a sporting event. The girl was knocked down several tiers of bleachers by a group of athletes in what is alleged to have been a hazing incident by the victim and an accident by the athletes.  

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“This type of activity without concern for the consequences is the reason I created the character of Elle Burton,” author Peggy M McAloon responds. “It doesn’t matter what excuse the group of athletes use, a young girl’s life has changed forever. How much courage does it take for a group of boys to gang up on a young girl? I believe kids today need a role model who isn’t afraid to fight against bullying, hazing, and other forms of abuse.”

Missing, written by Peggy McAloon and Anneka Rogers, is about a girl from Menomonie. Elle Burton’s baby brother, JJ, has been kidnapped from the Dunn County Fair. As a newly designated guide, sworn to protect the children of Earth, she’s desperate to get him back. Elle teams up with the winged warriors from Fiori to save him … but JJ isn’t the only one in danger. What will Elle need to sacrifice to bring her brother home?

Book Goals for child safety:

“As a child who suffered abuse, my goal has always been to inspire kids to be kind and help each other. Hazing and bullying continue to escalate in an environment that appears to condone this type of behavior. This is exactly the type of thing I’m hoping this book will help reduce.” McAloon said.

Author Peggy McAloon’s journey through child abuse, depression, and a debilitating car accident elevated her desire to help children cope with their challenges in a way that will inspire and empower them.

Missing (Publisher: PMac Press, Juvenile Fiction, Trade Paperback & Ebook, 6×9 inches, 260 pages, Suggested Retail Price: $9.50  paperback, $2.99 Ebook, Author: Peggy McAloon and Anneka Rogers, ISBN: 978-0-9627792-1-3 (paperback), ISBN: 978-0-9627792-0-6 (ebook), Missing is available at Amazon.


Amazon:  ViewBook.at/ElleMissing

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