Magistrate Chiu Participates in Intelligent Community Forum Seminar and Shares Hsinchu County's Successful Experience

HSINCHU, Taiwan, June 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Success in integration of industrial, government, academic, medical research resources to improve quality of living has placed Hsinchu County in the top 7 for Intelligent community forums. Tonight at Columbus City, Ohio, Magistrate Chiu Chin-Chun will attend the Awards ceremony and gladly accept first place honors from ICF. Magistrate Chiu Chin-Chun shares the county’s experience and achievements in integrating industrial, government, academic, medical research resources to build up broadband infrastructure, development of the educated workforce, innovations, digital equality, sustainability and marketing. He expresses appreciation of the efforts of all county citizens and representatives in building a solid, sustainable, flourishing economy and a charming city for the world to witness.

At the ceremony, Magistrate Chiu pointed out that, Hsinchu County constantly promotes the digital hardware and software industries. Combining industry, bureau, education, research and medical resources, Hsinchu County promotes the economy and innovation, reduces the gap between urban and rural areas. This helps it connect to the world, where it perfectly presented 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival and 2015 Taiwan International Hakka Culture Festival and presents characteristics of local resources. Hsinchu County will improve itself as science and technology development center. People will participate and applications will be used in improving people’s lives. Resources will be combined and cooperations will be made.

Magistrate Chiu will participate in Intelligent Community Forum held from June 13 to 17, with representatives from industry, bureau, education, research and medical area. They have prepared cultural products like crystalline glaze vase, Taiwan Hakka Festival Reel, Hakka Origin History 3D animation, a painting of a pig god, bamboo piggy bank, solar panels, local agricultural products, Hakka fabric bags, happy Taiwan paperweight, etc. These will be presented on Economic Development Day, Community Acceleration Development Day and Intelligent Community Day. The team will wear Hakka costume, sing Hakka songs and present Hakka culture.

Hsinchu County participated in the 2015 Intelligent Community Forum. ICF held a global intelligent community competition. On December 21, 2015 and February 10, 2016 Hsinchu County was named as a Smart 21 and moved further up to the Top 7. ICF Chairman and Co-founder John G. Jung visited Hsinchu County for an evaluation from April 13th to 16th. Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun shared his experience on intelligent community. Hsinchu County integrated all relevant intelligence to this year’s ICF topic “From Revolution to Renaissance.”

County government reinforces public service networks, such as civil service, public opinion platforms, intelligent household registration, intelligent energy savings, intelligent green houses, intelligent i Bus transportation and tourism, elderly traveler electronic tickets, intelligent learning, intelligent labor services, community knowledge-based agriculture and intelligent new farmers market, free Wi-Fi Internet and intelligent homes, low-carbon intelligent new industry, healthy and elderly-friendly city, cloud police system, rural area digital radio network, Hsinchu County Happy go online intelligent tax payment and innovative historical site New Tile House. The innovations in public service will continue into the future.

Magistrate Chiu was delighted to receive the honors of the year of intelligent communities. Hsinchu county also became the first in history to receive the honor on its first attempt. Magistrate Chiu said that the county will continue to synergize the efforts, talents and resources from universities, private sector, hospitals, research and government to further improve the living quality of residents and to drive the economy. By participating in the Intelligent Community Forum, we can further promote and market Hsinchu County internationally.

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