Lifespan Seminar to Teach Healthspan at WorldFuture 2016 Summit, Washington, DC, July 22

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Los Angeles-based Lifespan Seminar® received the “Best of Beverly Hills Award” in Health and Wellness Workshops the last four years in a row, and the “Best of Los Angeles Businesses Award” in the Life Coach category in 2014 and 2015.

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The founding president of Lifespan Seminar, Guy Joseph Ale explains “Rather than trying to prolong human longevity, which is desirable of course, our mission is to help participants understand the intelligent and well-organized system that is the human body, and provide simple daily tools that would allow them to live their longest and healthiest lives.”

“We are delighted to be invited to present at the WorldFuture 2016 Summit because Lifespan Seminar’s innovative techniques should be quite stimulating for the forward-looking audience of WorldFuture Summit,” says Ale.

Since 1992, Ale’s primary research has been the scientific, spiritual, behavioral and evolutionary aspects of the awareness that it is in our DNA to sense how long we can live and the practical applications of this insight in daily circumstances. He received the Eminent in Psychological Science Award at the International Conference on Psychology and Allied Professions 2011 “in recognition of invaluable contributions for the benefit of humanity.”

To explain this latent capacity in simple terms, Ale draws the analogy of driving a car without a fuel gauge. “Let’s say you’re planning a cross country trip,” says Ale, “In front of you there are two vehicles, equal in everything except one has a fuel gauge and the other doesn’t. To be sure, you’ll be able to drive cross-country in the car without a fuel gauge, but which of these vehicles will give you more control, peace of mind, and mastery? If this is correct for a vehicle of metal and rubber, it’s all the more valid for your vehicle of flesh, blood, and bones. Understanding how much energy your body contains enables you to make conscious choices on how to use this energy in the best possible manner.”

Ale, who also serves as vice president of Asia Pacific Association of Psychology, leads this daylong masterclass with Teresa Mishler, Chief Operating Officer of Lifespan Seminar and USA director of Medicina Alternativa, the largest integrated medicine institution in the world, under the guidelines of WHO, World Health Organization.

Ale and Mishler help participants to develop a higher awareness of their mind, body and energy by first going out into the universe at large and then bringing that large universe back into the human body. Mishler explains, “Every atom in your body comes from planet Earth which in turn is made of the same energy and matter as everything else in the cosmos. The latest discoveries of new cosmology, neuroplasticity, superstring theory and epigenetics show that the consciousness regulating the cosmos informs every cell in the human body. In essence, when you access your body’s intuition you access universal intelligence.”

They use body consciousness techniques of meditation, pressure points, ring muscles, and touch triggers to help participants locate their optimal duration in themselves, and self-management skills of breathing, good nutrition, sufficient rest, and active lifestyle to help them make that potential come true.

“There’s no outside governing authority which hands out a signed certificate that says ‘We hereby declare that you shall live 104 years and 95 days,'” says Ale with a chuckle, “Rather, this governing authority resides in you. You recognize in yourself a duration in accordance with your growing awareness of your physical and mental states, and this reasonable number is a potential that you realize by the choices you make in your daily life.”

Ale and Mishler are booked well in advance with presentations in the US, Europe and Asia. Among recent highlights Mishler cites their workshop last October at the 3rd World Congress on Excellence, in Chandigarh, India. The hall was packed with mostly female Panjab University Psychology students, she says, and it was deeply rewarding to see these bright students’ eagerness to succeed, especially in a society where women don’t have many role models.

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