Kristan Weinstein-ANP-BC, Offers Two Nonsurgical Neck Treatments: CoolMini and Kybella

HALLANDALE, Fla., July 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Kristan Weinstein, ANP-BC and co-owner of Laser Therapy Health & Wellness Center, Inc. announced Monday that she has added Kybella to the non-surgical services available at her clinic.  Kybella is an alternative to facial liposuction that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treatment of unwanted fat below the chin.

“It is very exciting to have a way to contour a double chin or fatty neck with no surgery, no downtime and no discomfort,” Weinstein said. “Being able to offer both the Coolsculpting-Mini and Kybella as non-surgical alternatives for  the destruction and elimination sub mental chin fat gives us the ability to determine which of the two, or which combination of the two treatments will get our patient to the best possible outcome.”

Weinstein adds, “Since chin- and neck-fat dissatisfaction afflicts 68% of the population, we know there are many people out there eager to learn more about the two new non-surgical options available to treat sub mental fat and fullness. (Sub mental is “medicalese” for under the chin.) Both have just been approved by the FDA, but the way they each work is very different.

“One important consideration is how both new procedures compare to liposuction in terms of results, ease of treatments, side effects, and cost has opened up an opportunity for many patients to take advantage of.”

CoolMini: Freeze Away Your Double Chin

Coolsculpting is a noninvasive method for eliminating fat cells by chilling them until they crystallize. The procedure has been approved since 2010. “We brought Coolsculpting to our practice in 2013 and have seen great results with our patients. The add-on approval by the FDA of the CoolMini applicator in 2016 allowed us to treat smaller pockets of chin fat,” says Weinstein

During a session, the neck fat is placed into the curved applicator of the CoolMini. The arctic-level cold quickly numbs the area, so it’s pretty comfortable during a 60-minute treatment. FDA clearance of the CoolMini was based on a trial with patients having two treatments. No significant adverse events were observed and patients experienced little or no discomfort or downtime. Patients in the clinical study saw results at three weeks but the best results were observed after one to three months. “Our patients have seen undeniable results. The CoolMini applicator best serves patients where the neck fat is spread on a wider scale,” adds Weinstein.

Kybella: Inject Away Your Double Chin

Kybella is a non-surgical injectable for reducing small, well-defined areas of fat under your chin. It is very well-studied and ten years in the making.

The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid. Its job in the body is to aid in digestion by breaking down fat. When injected into the fat beneath your chin, Kybella causes the destruction of fat cells. Like with the CoolMini and liposuction, once destroyed, those cells are gone for good and don’t come back.

A Kybella treatment consists of a bunch of small injections at one time. Most patients experience visible improvement in their chin contour with two to four treatment sessions spaced at least one month apart. The most common side effect is swelling, which subsides as the patient eliminates the cells through natural process. Kybella best serves a patient here the neck fat is mostly concentrated in the smaller area directly under the chin.

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