HIGHLIGHTS-G20 finance leaders go over international economy, Brexit

Financing leaders of the
Group of G20 economies gathered in the southwestern Chinese city
of Chengdu for a two-day conference to go over problems affecting the
international economy varying from growing dissatisfaction with
globalisation and commercial overcapacity to dangers from Brexit. Following are highlights of remarks made at the G20 meeting
and associated occasions:

IMF HANDLING DIRECTOR CHRISTINE LAGARDE “Our conversations were taking place in a spirit of
cooperation and desire to tackle hard issues. There
was an agreement around the table that more needs to be done to
share the benefits of development and financial openness broadly
within and amongst nations.

” In this context, I kept in mind that the G20 members are taking
actions to cultivate confidence and assistance growth. I invite their
determination to utilize all policy tools – financial, fiscal and
structural – separately and jointly to accomplish strong,
sustainable, well balanced and inclusive development. Structural reforms
are particularly vital, as current IMF work reveals that
properly designed structural reforms can raise both brief- and
long-lasting development and make it more inclusive. Additional trade
liberalisation is also crucial to bolster performance and
worldwide development, while taking steps to ensure the gains from trade
are shared widely.”

” Our view on Turkey is that we support the democratically
elected federal government in Turkey and as Turkey responds to the
attempted coup, we quite prompt that actions be taken
consistent with the guideline of law. I believe that there was a broad
view in the room that those concepts are very important and that
economic stability be maintained in Turkey.” (Modifying by Jacqueline Wong).

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