Gfresh & CCIC Canada; an Agreement to Revolutionize Canada’s Seafood Trade With China

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The world’s biggest online fish business system, Gfresh, is likely to be signing a business-first contract using the China Accreditation and Examination Team Europe (CCICCA) in the 2016 BC Seafood Expo. Gfreshis Vice President and co founder, Anthony Wan stated the contract might provide Canadian exporters about the online system the “fastest and simplest business path into China however.”

Third contract, providers on Gfresh is likely to be provided the guarantee that their products are before actually making their Canadian starting interface traditions satisfactory. They will even be ready to provide their Oriental industry associates the fastest & most immediate industry feasible as possibly months are shaved off the full time taken up to get fish from providers into Chinais booming marketplace.

Both businesses is likely to be signing the contract 3.30 PM, Friday the 10th of July in the 2016 BC Fish Expo Tradeshow region in the Greatest Western Hotel in Courtenay, Vancouver, BC.

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