Game Changer? Signals Trading on a SmartPhone

ASHBURN, Va., July 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Online Forex autotrading has been dependent on use of Windows VPS- until the introduction of SkyDesks’ cloud automation technology, automated trading required constant connectivity to the broker’s server. Sheldon Gardner, CEO of SkyDesks, Inc., is among those who recognize the potential of the cloud. He has catalyzed that potential into VPS solutions for Forex traders. SkyDesks is poised to be the cloud automation technology innovation that Forex traders have been waiting for. SkyDesks cloud-based MT4 Forex trading platform autotrades signals, or Expert Advisers.

The SkyDesks platform controls EAs, and copies trades, from a browser connected laptop, iPhone, or Android device. SkyDesks uses a unique dashboard paradigm. Please see the image for a better explanation.
Another key benefit of the SkyDesks’ design is its minimization of latency. In a realm where a millisecond of delay can mean the difference between profit and loss, SkyDesks circumvents geographic concerns by allowing users to automatically deploy cloud server Virtual Machines (VMs) in the US, Europe, or Asia. Another interesting feature – especially in consideration of usage trends among Millennials – is that SkyDesks MT4 allows EA remote control from any device with a web browser, including smart phones, tablets, or PCs. Autotrading is built in, with EA and signal trading available after creating a subscription online. Membership is free. SkyDesks runs on Linux instead of Windows- which is an advantage in VPS reliability. 

SkyDesks’ premiere signals provider monthly subscription is SimonTrader a world-class Forex trader. SimonTrader subscriptions on SkyDesks require a live account with SGTMarkets SGT accounts are not available to US residents- unless ECP exemptions are approved. Gardner states that SkyDesks be viewed as a proof of concept. In the future, other trading platforms will be supported. 

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About Sheldon Gardner

Sheldon Gardner’s career in computer research and development has spanned over 50 years. He retired from the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. after 24 years, and spent the following year studying FOREX trading and the use of expert systems. He is the founder and CEO of SkyDesks Inc.

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