Energix CEO, Mr. Asa Levinger, is Top CEO in Renewables Industry

LONDON, June 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Levinger, 39, fought off strong competition for the accolade by proving himself a very worthy recipient, thanks to strong personnel mentoring and management skills. His innovative and adventurous leadership style was another award-clinching factor.

“I’m delighted to win the BWM Best CEO Renewables category,” he said. “Please don’t just regard this as a win for me though, but for all the dedicated team here, the Alony Hetz group and the company as a whole. I am glad that the working environment in Energix which is demanding, yet very warm and family like, has proved itself.”

Energix is Israel’s biggest renewables company and, despite being in business for just seven years, has already built up a leading name for itself within the industry for tackling difficult projects head-on. Levinger says he enjoys a challenge. His company will target projects which competitors have shunned due to their complexity or short timeframe.

Two such projects include Neot Hovav in Levinger’s native Israel, which resulted in the company constructing a platform over toxic fields, and Banie Wind Farm in Poland which initially seemed impossible due to time constraints. Energix completed plans for both schemes successfully.

An important Energix philosophy is to provide every project with ‘added value’ or, as Levinger himself puts it ‘find the diamond in the rough.’ By that he means ensuring communities benefit in terms of scholarships, charity funding and employment for local residents.

Levinger is confident that his company will help the Israeli government achieve its target of 17 per cent of its energy being supplied from renewable sources by 2030.

The former computer engineer went on to gain an MBA (majoring in strategic & business development), before becoming vice president of an investment company’s Business Development section. He has been described as a ‘visionary’ leader.

Added Levinger: “At Energix we see the growth in renewables and the eager for more electricity as an opportunity to co-operate with our neighbours in the Middle East who are all blessed with endless sun and good wind parameters. Bringing renewables to communities could create financial prosperity for them and I`m thrilled to be part of this important mission together with protecting the environment.”

More information on the Energix and its services can be found at the website http://www.energix-group.com

An article on the company can be found on BWM website http://www.bwmonline.com/2016/05/energix-stretches-bounds-impossible-renewable-energy-boom/

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