Dodecyl-sodium-sulphate: Global Product Intelligence (2015-2020)

BIRMINGHAM, Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — STATEMENT GOALS:
The statement “Dodecyl-salt-sulphate: Global Item Intellect (2011-2020)” offers industry intelligence about the various sections of the agrochemical, centered on type of formula, harvest kind, insect, and location. Industry size and outlook (2015-2020) hasbeen supplied when it comes to equally, Worth (000 USD) and Quantity (000 KG) within the statement. An in depth qualitative evaluation of the elements accountable for restraining and operating development of potential marketplace possibilities and the agrochemical are also mentioned.
This statement is just a section of number of over 900 agrochemicals’ item intelligence studies from Sprout Intellect. This agrochemicals’ item intelligence record sequence, as a whole, addresses over 1, 150 plants, 60 preparations, 500 insects and 60 nations.

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