Den raske, lette og grønne fotoserien fanger essensen av fremtidens bygninger

Familiar architectural and conceptual approaches capture the eye

The series includes photographs with both architectural and more conceptual themes. Syväri reveals that the seemingly effortless and straightforward images required a lot of planning from the whole creative team.

Each photograph in the series offers real insights relevant for building with wood, yet they also leave room for more personal responses and interpretations. For example, the famous New York city Wall Street view has quite many different associations, but in this context it reminds us that in the face of increasing urbanisation and migration to cities we need to start building higher, faster and more sustainably. An image of a piece of wood emblazoned with a flame-like pattern also has a deeper meaning in the context of bioenergy; today’s engineered wood can be produced in a way that generates more bioenergy than it uses.

“These images are an interesting combination of the familiar and the unexpected. Well known buildings and recognisable forms and symbols re-imagined as made with wood create a contradiction, yet at the same time provide a different – hopefully inspirational – perspective on the future of building”, Syväri contemplates.

A tribute to the aesthetics aspects of wood

In the course of time Metsä Wood has realized that existing images of wood building do not fully showcase the aesthetic side of wood. The images were too often blunt, industrial and lacked any richer meaning. Syväri and his creative team expertly deepened the focus of the series so that it becomes a tribute to the beauty of wood – and the ways it can engage all of our senses.

“Wood feels close to us because it is a living thing – just like us. Wooden structures effortlessly combine strength with aesthetics, and thermal protection with environmental benefits. Trees – the source of wood – are beautiful. They then pass through a quite industrial process, and come out again as aesthetic building elements. The photo series is a tribute to this ‘circle of beauty’ – how the right technology and design can recapture the intrinsic beauty of wood”, Syväri concludes.

Kimmo Syväri is an award-winning Finnish photographer and graphic designer with over 16 years of experience. Syväri has worked with Metsä Group and Metsä Wood for several years in promoting wood construction. Fast, Light and Green photo series premiered in an exhibition on June 15th at Metsä Group headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

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