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BOULDER, Colo., July 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Ello Beta Android app is now available to the public. Download the app here:

Says CEO Todd Berger, “Android extends Ello’s reach and enables more creators across the globe to share and connect with all the amazing work and ideas on Ello. We’re psyched to get our first Android build out the door, but we even more excited about the direction, focus and shape of the Ello community.”

As part of the rollout of the new Android app, Ello has introduced curated categories to better organize and highlight the amazing work shared on Ello and allow new and existing community members to more easily discover great work that interests them.

Berger notes, “Ello’s renewed focus on how to best support creators and aspiring creators – meaning providing them exposure to their work, helping them build and connect their audience through organic reach, and learning how to be more financially successful through their creativity – has provided important product focus for us.”

“This focus is driving development of features and experiences that will enable creators to sell their work, and connect with brands, agencies and publications for jobs and employment opportunities.”

Unlike mainstream advertising platforms that rely on collecting and selling user data for revenue, Ello is testing business models that put the “first dollars” into the pockets of their creative community members.

Ello is currently running the SPOON x Ello | Fashion x Art Contest to identify and reward nine emerging artists pushing the conversation of what fashion could be. All nine artists will be featured in the upcoming edition of SPOON Magazine, the top three will each win $1,000 art grants, and the top winner will receive a trip to Paris Fashion Week where his or her art will be shown alongside professional SPOON contributors at a private event for some of the fashion world’s best known creators.

Immediately following the SPOON x Ello competition, a new juried online/offline competition, called, “This is what you have – Here is what you hold” will be held with iconic art magazine Arkitip. The juried contest will recognize 40 leading edge artists sharing their work online who will become part of a special Arkitip edition.

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Ello is the Creators Network. Launched in Fall 2014 by creators, for creators, Ello is the only online community specifically designed and developed for the world’s artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, GIF makers, architects to discover, share, discuss, publish and promote their work, and the work and ideas of others that they love. Ello is available on Android, iOs and the web.

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