Colbert will be live during political conventions

Donald Trump calls Stephen Colbert on ‘Late Program’
Stephen Colbert is keeping upping late for the presidential conventions. CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” is airing 2 weeks of live programs next month during both governmental political conventions, the network stated on Wednesday. Colbert will be hosting the CBS late program from New york city’s Ed Sullivan Theater during the Republican politician National Convention, which takes place in Cleveland from July 18 to July 21. The host will go live again from New york city the following week from July 25 to July 28 for the Democratic National Convention, which is being held in Philadelphia. Colbert typically tapes “The Late Show” during the day, so going live permits the host and the show to respond to the conventions the night of instead of waiting till the next day. The network also stated that although Colbert and his visitors will remain in New York, the show will have a presence on website for both conventions. Stephen Colbert will host two week of live programs during the GOP and democratic conventions. This isn’t really the very first time Colbert has gone live. “The Late Show” held a live broadcast following Super Bowl 50 in February. That show had President Obama as a surprise guest as well as Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, and Fox News host Megyn Kelly. Colbert has ramped up his political lampooning, especially surrounding the GOP’s presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Previously this month, the host attempted to discuss Trump’s response to the mass shooting that occurred in Orlando. Related: Stephen Colbert compares Donald Trump to a Nazi, draws swastika While aiming to diagram Trump’s thinking on a blackboard, Colbert drew a giant swastika. The bit went viral with almost 6.5 million people enjoying it on YouTube. Both Trump and the Democratic presumptive nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, have actually been visitors on Colbert’s show.

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