ATLAS Active Winglets Certification for Citation M2

SANDPOINT, Idaho, June 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Tamarack Aerospace has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval from the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) for its ATLAS Active Winglets on the Cessna Citation M2 light jet. With the CJ, CJ1 and CJ1+ certified in December 2015, this brings the total number of Cessna models approved for Tamarack’s ultra-efficient winglets up to four.

Using ATLAS the wing span of the M2 has been increased by 5.3 feet and when combined with Tamarack’s highly tuned winglets, the effective aspect ratio is increased from 9.3 to over 12. The result is a dramatic improvement in performance, two to three times that of a traditional winglet installation.

The ATLAS Active Winglets on the M2 reduces block fuel burn by an estimated 10-12%. Range has been estimated to have increased by more than 100nm. The added stability of the winglets is amazing; the plane dampens in 7 cycles at FL410 eliminating a yaw damper inoperative limitation that currently exists on the M2. Additionally the ATLAS Active Winglets modification increases the MZFW by 400 lbs. and the WAT table (high/hot performance) by almost 1000 lbs.

“We are very excited to offer ATLAS Active Winglets for the first time on an aircraft currently in production. Recently, flying a CJ1+ with a takeoff weight of 10,600 lbs and an average temperature of ISA +12, we got to FL410 in 30 minutes burning only 550lbs,” COO Brian Cox stated. “Then we accelerated to AOA .2 in only 5 minutes, quickly reaching TAS 384kts. The book says that a OEM CJ1+ taking off with 10,600 lbs at an average of ISA +12, should take 1 hour 7 minutes to get to FL410, with a fuel burn of 960 lbs. We expect to find similar or better results with the Citation M2. ATLAS Active Winglets represent a true paradigm shift in the industry, and we are already working on applying this technology to other, larger aircraft.”

“Tamarack ATLAS winglets have complemented the proven performance of the CJ, CJ1 and CJ1+ platforms,” said Steve Metayer, vice president, Textron Aviation Aftermarket Sales.  “With the addition of the Citation M2, we are excited to continue offering the technology to our customers within the 525-series.”

Textron Aviation is offering Active Winglets as a customer option on the M2, which will be installed post production at any Textron Aviation company-owned service center. For retrofit information, current M2 owners should contact their local service center or visit the Tamarack Aerospace website. FAA validation of the EASA STC for the M2 is expected in summer 2016.

Tamarack Aerospace Group

Tamarack Aerospace has certified the next generation of winglets, which are three to four times more efficient than previous types. The patented design, ‘Active Technology Load Alleviation System’ or ATLAS, is made up of a wing tip extension, a highly tuned winglet, and a load alleviation system that counteracts the additional loads induced by the winglet in rare peak-loading events such as a gust or manoeuvre. This means that heavy wing reinforcement is not required, thus increasing efficiency and significantly reducing retrofit times. ATLAS Active Winglets are scalable and can be installed on any aircraft type.

In 2013, Tamarack flew 6:16, 1853nm (with only a 26 kt tailwind) in a Cessna CJ using ATLAS Active Winglets – an (unofficial) world record for distance flown in this category of aircraft.

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