Artist Launches Kickstarter To Get People Creating On A Planetary Scale

AUSTIN, Texas, June 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Artist David Carus launches an ambitious Kickstarter project aimed at creating a planet of artists. It embraces visual artists as well as anyone creative. It is a unique project that seeks to end war and destruction by focusing on peace through creativity — using a single coloring book!

Artists Run This Planet – A Motivational Adult Coloring Book by David Carus gets people to create in a big way. The idea of drawing or painting is sometimes too much for the average person to confront so his book approaches the goal of inspiring creativity at a fundamental yet important point — coloring.

Adult coloring books have hit a huge boom in popularity, yet unlike those that focus on flower or animal art, this coloring book features artwork of artists themselves. Containing drawings of 40 famous artists, all creators and innovators, including inspirational quotes from each, Artists Run This Planet is the perfect creative spark needed to get people creating on a massive scale. Someone spends time with the most successful human beings in history as they share their knowledge and inspire creativity, resulting in more art for the planet.

“Just like everyone else, I’ve always had the urge to create. I also know it hasn’t been easy for people to do that. We make choices, have to pay bills, life happens. Well, this project seeks to change all of that by creating a whole different culture; one aimed at creativity. It’s a super worthwhile goal and the way we do it is by getting people to create. The first step is coloring. We get people to color, then they’ll draw something, then they’ll paint and then we’ll have a new planet, a creative planet — an art planet.” – David Carus

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