App Helps Insurers Collaborate With Customers To Save Time & Money

BURBANK, Calif., July 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Thanks to innovations such as Uber and Airbnb, the past few years have permanently transformed the landscape of customer service. Customers today expect fast results, less steps and more control in the process. How can vehicle appraisals, which traditionally average 3+ days from assignment to estimate upload, keep up with changing consumer expectations?

SCA Appraisal Company, the nation’s leading provider of insurance appraisals, solves the problem with a white-label app available to any carrier that saves all involved significant time and LAE. SCA’s Streamline transforms the process from three days to a mere SCA-guaranteed three hours from photo receipt…how? Customers get to take ownership in the appraisal process by snapping photos of their vehicles with their smartphones.

The process is easy-to-use for everyone: participants can use either an Apple or Android phone to download from Apple store or Google Play. Designed with the user in mind, the app walks customers around his or her vehicle and provides easy-to-understand photo guides to indicate how to correctly take requested photos. Uploading images is a snap and, in total, the entire process takes less than five minutes.

Going even further, Streamline give the carrier the ability to show unique customer service oriented options such as a list of local repair shops with driving directions. Because Streamline is backed by SCA’s national network of appraisers DOI re-inspections and supplements are easy to request. All SCA appraisers have mobile hotspots and use Audatex estimating for quick and accurate turnaround.  

For insurance carriers who need estimate writing flexibility, SCA delivers. It’s easy for Streamline to provide photos so their own desk appraisal staff can generate the estimate or when necessary SCA’s own staff can handle the work. Best of all there is no commitments or contracts. Use the app and the SCA appraisers only when it fits.

With SCA Appraisal and Streamline, everyone ends up winning: customers have a more positive experience therefore carrier retention increases. Cycle time is reduced thanks to owner involvement. Loss Adjusted Expenses are controlled based on improved allocation of resources.

Attendees at the upcoming NACE CARS 2016 expo can get a hands-on view of Streamline as SCA Appraisal representatives will be at booth #1064 or read about all our services from our new marketing website 


SOURCE SCA Appraisal Company

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