Anti-oil protesters apprehended for blocking trains in Washington state

<articleLocation” > Cops apprehended 21 protesters on Saturday for blocking BNSF Train Co. [BNISF.UL] freight trains in Vancouver, Washington, on a line that carries oil and coal in the Northwest, protesters and a railway representative said. The Nonrenewable fuel source Resistance Network, conducting its very first demonstration, blocked the tracks for about 3 hours prior to police handcuffed and detained 21 people who refused to leave. Hoisting indications reading “I Stand Versus Oil Trains” and “Ban the Bomb Trains,” about 100 demonstrators participated, network spokesman Jessie Braverman stated by telephone from the demonstration site. She stated the protest was in “direct reaction” to a June 3 derailment of a Union Pacific train that spilled 42,000 gallons of crude and began a fire in the town of Mosier, Oregon, along the Columbia River, which marks the border in between Washington and Oregon.

Vancouver is simply across the Columbia River from Rose city, Oregon, and Mosier is about 60 miles (100 km) upriver to the east.

The protest delayed five freight trains, but they were able to move after the demonstration ended, BNSF representative Gus Melonas stated. The trains were carrying grain and basic freight and not oil or coal, Melonas stated. But oil and coal in some cases are transported on that line, he said. “It is disruptive. It’s pricey,” Melonas said of the protest. “These trains bring countless dollars’ worth of product. We can’t tolerate these blockades. We asked that they moved their protest off site. If not, action will be taken.”

( Reporting by Daniel Trotta; Modifying by Dan Grebler).

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