Addition of Equivital LifeMonitor Boosts ADInstruments Range of Wireless Physiological Solutions for Life Science Researchers

DUNEDIN, New Zealand, June 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ADInstruments (ADI) has released the Equivital LifeMonitor and accessories as a combined solution with their LabChart data analysis software for wireless physiological monitoring applications.

The Equivital LifeMonitor is a body worn sensor which measures multiple physiological parameters from a single device, has FDA 510K clearance and is CE marked. Used on Felix Baumgartner in his famous 2012 Redbull Stratos space dive leap from the stratosphere, the Equivital LifeMonitor withstood both environmental pressure and terminal velocity to collect high quality physiological data for the research team involved. This innovative technology is now available through ADI and can stream data directly into LabChart.

The core recording system consists of a comfortable and unobtrusive sensor belt allowing for natural movement, a Sensor Electronics Module that slips into the belt during use, a bluetooth Dongle and the LabChart software. The sensor belt can record 2 channels of ECG, breathing rate, high resolution tri-axial acceleration, and skin temperature. A range of add-ons can be purchased for additional parameters including core temperature (recorded via an ingestible pill), galvanic skin response and oxygen saturation. Suggested applications for this system would include exercise and sport science studies as well as psychophysiology.

By combining the novel Equivital technology with the powerful analysis of LabChart, researchers are now able to simultaneously acquire signals from this system and other multiple data sources and apply advanced calculations and analysis for their studies in real-time. With flexibility, ease of use, and data integrity at its core, LabChart acts as a platform for many data recording devices to work together, and tracks every actions and calculation made while never modifying raw data to ensure integrity of results. ADI and LabChart are used in the world’s top 100 universities and cited in more than 30,000 peer reviewed papers.

Equivital LifeMonitor solutions are now available for purchase in several countries via ADInstruments. For more information visit

About EquivitalTM

Equivital develops mobile human monitoring and real world physiological data management solutions to harness the power and value of data from real people, in real environments. Equivital offers 3 ranges of products; TnR for researchers, Orann for Pharmaceutical clinical trials and Healthcare applications and Black Ghost for Industrial and Professional safety and welfare applications. These products combine Equivital’s human sensor capability with communications and software systems that allow efficient management of high volumes of variable, real time and retrospective data.

Already used and trusted by over 200 organizations Equivital products bring the ability to measure and manage human data to the professional market, today. 

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About ADI

ADI is a world leader in the provision of hardware and software for data acquisition in the life sciences. Their comprehensive, easy-to-use products are highly-cited in scientific journals and widely-used in classrooms and forward-thinking learning programs. For almost 30 years, they have been successful in developing quality products and providing great service. In research, the versatile PowerLab data acquisition system with LabChart software can be customized for use in virtually any life science application with a diverse range of amplifiers, Instruments and specialized analysis software.

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