AcadGild Launches US-Based Software Programming Courses

FREMONT, Calif., June 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — AcadGild (, an online education technology startup, today announces the launch of its US-based software programming courses. AcadGild was co-founded by Vinod (Vin) Dham, the inventor, entrepreneur and “Father of the Pentium Chip,” and a set of co-founders in India in 2015. AcadGild has successfully taught thousands of students over the past year in India with an innovative approach to hands-on learning that will now be available in the United States.

Software has become the invisible force that is driving the structural transformation of businesses, industries and governments as they rush to digitize and stay relevant. The demand for software professionals is rapidly growing across US labor markets, yet the availability of job-ready skilled workers is scarce, resulting in ongoing shortage of talent. AcadGild carefully curates content and deploys mentors, handpicked industry experts based in India, for teaching job-ready skills. AcadGild focuses on learning by using a hands-on approach towards building real applications.

Online videos and large class sizes are ineffective at teaching software programming skills. With a small batch of only five to ten students, AcadGild stands out in the crowded space of online programming courses with hundreds of students and one teacher. In addition, AcadGild’s courses are far more affordable at 1/10th the cost of comparable offerings in the US.  The company is kicking off its US-based offerings at $599 for adult courses and $499 for children’s courses.

“Our goal is to launch and scale an online education business that utilizes India’s large pool of English speaking software talent at an affordable cost,” said Vinod Dham, AcadGild’s co-founder and CEO. “The format for delivering content through video is the single biggest reason for poor engagement by students which results in high dropout rates at other online providers of coding skills. The best way to learn software programming is by actually building applications guided by mentors, such as our experienced industry experts.”

AcadGild has received a positive and successful response from children ranging from 9 to 17 years old in India. AcadGild is now offering these courses for the first time to children in the US, specifically designed for their summer break. Each course utilizes live teaching methods in a virtual classroom, twice a week, in a boot camp format. New courses begin each week and students may select a course time that is convenient for them, such as morning or evening classes.

AcadGild is currently accepting registrations for the following adult and children’s courses in the United States:

Adults: 12-week (240 hours) part time program



Children: 4-week (100 hours) summer program

For more information and to register for a US-based class, please visit:

About AcadGild
Silicon Valley-based AcadGild, an online education technology startup, was co-founded by Vinod Dham, Vikalp Jain and K. Ganesh of “Tutor Vista” fame. AcadGild’s mission is to bring easily accessible, highly affordable, collaborative, and hands-on online education to the world. The company currently offers software programming courses in both the United States and India.



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